Preventing problems before they occur

90% of tooth loss is entirely avoidable through preventing and dealing with the deterioration of teeth early. Our philosophy is to be proactive with your teeth, avoiding problems before they occur, and never letting financial considerations stop you from making the best decision for your smile.

On our Peace of Mind Care Plan, for a set monthly fee, all prevention and treatment to save your teeth is included at no further cost. This creates an incentive for both our dentists and patients to prevent avoidable treatment at all costs. We truly believe this preventative approach will enable you to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible – ideally a lifetime!

Our care plan

Treatment that works

In the last 15 years dentistry has changed. With modern materials and techniques provided by the most highly skilled clinicians, you can expect more from dentistry. We can reduce the frequency of teeth becoming painful or breaking, fillings falling out, or teeth becoming wobbly and being lost. Deterioration in the appearance of teeth can also be prevented, and replacement teeth can look and feel like their natural predecessors.

We are committed to using the best materials, the most modern techniques, and the most highly skilled and qualified clinicians. As a result, you should find our treatments have extremely high success rates.

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10 Point Dental Health Checklist

We believe it is important to understand the condition of your teeth, any developing issues and available treatments.

For this reason, at every Preventative Dental Health Check, you will receive a 10 part report on the condition of your teeth. It is similar to an MOT report for your car.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Commitment to local community and environment

    We contribute to Falmouth’s economy and community by being locally owned, creating jobs and training for local people, supporting local businesses, and maintaining and restoring our historically significant premises.

    We are also aware that historically dentistry has not been an environmentally friendly industry. We are committed to doing everything we can to reduce our impact. See what we are doing in our blog.

  • Guaranteed access

    We know how difficult it is to see a dentist if you have pain or an emergency.

    In an emergency we will get you stabilised and out of pain quickly and efficiently. But more importantly, our proactive preventative approach will mean that you are unlikely to have an emergency, and our care plan will mean that you will not have a surprise bill.

  • Smile like you have never needed the dentist

    Historically, dental treatments such as fillings and dentures have been visible in your mouth. With recent advances in dentistry, this need no longer be the case.

    With modern white filling material, modern porcelains, and modern implants you will not look like you have had a white filling, instead, you will look and feel like you have never been to the dentist!

  • We treat you how we would treat our friends and family

    This means we will not leave you in pain and we will not let you make bad decisions about your teeth.

    We will not undertake short-term damaging cosmetic treatments that are not in your best interest.

  • Stopping you from losing teeth

    Every year many saveable teeth are removed by dentists because they do not have the skills or qualifications to save them.

    The core objective of dentistry is to stop you from losing teeth. The speciality of dentistry concerned with treatments to avoid most loss of teeth is known as Endodontics. Our principal dentist Dr. Andrew Paterson not only has an MSc in Endodontics with distinction, but also teaches the subject at King’s College London and The University of Plymouth.

  • Qualification, skills and materials

    The practice of dentistry is advancing faster than it has ever advanced before. It is very easy for practices and clinicians to get left behind without continuous training.

    As a practice we are committed to staying up to date. You can find out more about how we have been training in our blog.

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